2016 Honda CB500X Review

 The 2016 Honda CB500X is a fast, agile bike which is practical and adventurous. This motorcycle is 430 pounds, and its heart is at 471 cc, with a DOHC engine with PGM-FI. The 2016 Honda CB500X gives you a nice, open view of the roadway in front of you. It has a nice upright riding position with large handlebars, making great sporting or adventuring out. This bike fits people of all shapes and sizes, and has a nice lightweight, sleek feel to it. It was made in 2016 by Honda, with a liquid-cooled parallel double-twin engine, it is a really high performing motorcycle.

2016 Honda CB500X front

2016 Honda CB500X Review

Its power is Programmed Fuel Injection. Its top speed is 124 miles per hour. this bike is really a great bike, as it has a high MPG rate, as well as a great sleek, lightweight feel all around. You can even use this bike in off roading if you wanted to be adventurous on the road and be nimble and quick. This bike has a great percentage of users to it, and is very fast, going 0-100 at around 4-5 seconds. This motorcycle has a sleek body in the upright position that allows for easy, nimble and flexible control of the whole bike. This bike outperforms a lot of the 2015 motorcycles on the road, plus it is a very glamorous motorcycle. When you ride on this bike you feel weightless and free, overall a very light and quick experience. The engine has a nice American gas guzzler sound to it, feeling very authentic and realistic in comparison to a hummer or a mustang. This motorcycle allows for quick and flexible maneuvering and driving very nimbly and sharply. This motorcycle has a high performance while using a low amount of gas, making it very cost-effective in its efforts for fuel economy.

2016 Honda CB500X side

2016 Honda CB500X News

The fuel economy on the 2016 Honda CB500X has improved since the 2015 Honda CB500X, Honda making sleeker, faster, more fuel-efficient bikes for people to test out and get a nice, testible grip on it. The basis of this motorcycle is its fast, flexible driving speeds, and its sleek, upright body that feels very light and easy. While performing at high speeds, the fuel economy on this bike preserves a lot of fuel, making it more efficient at using gasoline than a lot of other motorcycles on the market right now. Finally, the 2016 Honda CB500X performs at such an efficient, sleek level that anybody can use it, and have a great deal of fun!

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