2016 Honda CBR 250R

Do not just lay back and relax. Instead when you want an easy time, slip into something that offers you way more comfort and style. Get your favorite leather jacket and slip into the 2016 Honda CBR 250R which will definitely guarantee you a nice chilled out ride. The Honda shadow is currently the most popular line of motor cycles and the great features of the 2016 Honda CBR 250R will show you why. With features such as spoked wheels, long chromed mufflers and full fenders, this ride will surely blow your mind. It also features over the top performance thanks to its 745 CC v twin engine with low revving torques. Special features such as the shaft final-drive are set to lower your maintenance costs and most of all is its huge price bargain.

2016 Honda CBR 250R front

2016 Honda CBR 250R Exterior

It features a wide ratio 5 speed transmission which allows you to thrust into highways without revving its engine.it features huge diameter head-pipes and a two into two system that produce the characteristic cruiser sound. In addition, it has 3 valve double plug combustion chambers and a shaft- final drive. Its ignition comprises of an advanced digitally transistorized systems. Its headlamps and multifaceted reflectors that give the bike both a unique look and greater visibility. Its stainless steel exhaust tip is under the same angle as that of the rear bumper which makes it rather symmetric. The aero weighs about 560 pounds. It has a front suspension of 41 millimeters that offers travel of 4.6’ and a double shock back suspension which offers 3.5’ of travel.

2016 Honda CBR 250R Interior

The aero has retro cruiser designing cues but beneath you will find pure Honda engineering full of modern technology and refinement. Although it appears to have a retro appearance, there is not a single thing retro about its performance or technology especially its brakes which offer the antilock brake system (ABS) option. This provides you with a greater level of stopping-control for even the most unideal conditions.it features spoked wheels, front disk brakes and complete front fenders. It has a low seat height at 25.9 inches which enables you to flat foot at parking lots or stop lights effortlessly. Its saddle will optimize your comfort together with wide low slung seats which feature removable passenger seats. It has a wheel base of 64.5’ a trail of 6.3’ and a 34 degree rake.

2016 Honda CBR 250R side

2016 Honda CBR 250R Engines, Price, Release

Its engine is powered with a strong 745cc, 52 degree, liquid cooled V- twin engine. Its riding is smooth and the response is excellent in every rpm range. The bore and strike ratio stands at 79 mm by 76 mm while the compression ratio is 9.6.1. It comes with digitally-tuned throttle position sensors which deliver greater low end torque. It offers a flat torque curve for the constant power output without any lags; a feature that makes it easy to handle and pleasant for ride. It also features the Honda programmed fuel injection (P.G.M.- F.I.) and the shadow fuel injection platform to deliver hassle free start up when riding at high altitudes or during very cold mornings. It offers great fuel efficiency at 56MPG and a fuel capacity of 3.7 gallons which comes with a 0.9 reserve.

Price and release date

The 2016 Honda CBR 250R offers a huge price bargain of $7,500.

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