2016 Honda CBR 650F

Honda CBR 650F is a powerful sport bike from Honda. It is expected to be launched in India in early 2016 with the assistance of completely knocked down (CKD) assembly Honda will be able to market this brand successfully. The CBR 650F looks similar to CBR 250R. Its a bike that can be ridden in many ways. CBR 650 is sporty with an excellent performance it also has a nifty handling that makes it exciting for racing. Its riding position is amazing because its frame and suspension are very comfortable for daily riding and also for long distances. The engine has been designed to perform several roles, this is due to its wide band torque that will help the rider unearth the limits of the bike.

2016 Honda CBR 650F front

The compactness and aggressiveness of the bike at the front gives the bike a sporty look. Its exhausts are short which adds taste and style to the bike. Its short but tall tail adds to the forward leaning style of the bike.

The bike has an upright sitting position which makes it very comfortable to drive in traffic and on long hauls. The clip on handle bars enable the rider to adjust them to his or her comfort position.

Honda shocked everyone in 2004 when it announced its plans to launch the 2016 Honda CBR 650F and to be locally assembled in india honda is planning to launch the bike through CKD, it also planning to spice the bike by use of local content. This is a brilliant marketing strategy which will enable the bike to rival with the already established Kawasaki ninja and the Z800.

2016 Honda CBR 650F side

2016 Honda CBR 650F Price

Its price will be very customer friendly, in fact, it will be the cheapest 4-cylinder bike in the counry. its cost is expected to be below RS.7 lakhs on road. that will be around 8499 US dollars.only one variant willl be offered and it expected to have additional safety control measureof an antilock braking system (ABS) as standard.

powering the bike will be a 649cc 4 cylinder engine which will have the capacity of producing 86bhp of power and 63 NM of Torque on ride. A tougher look is enhanced on the bike by fitting it with 120 and 180 section tyres at the front and the rear. The 2016 Honda CBR 650F is also expected to have a 6-speed gear transmission. It will also have front and rear disc brakes,  its tank capacity is 17 liters

This 2016 Honda CBR 650F will be powerful because it will only take 0-100 Kmph time in under 4 seconds. Its top speed is rated at 225 Kmph.

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