2016 Honda CBR300R

The 2016 Honda CBR300R sports bike is now a big hit thanks to its power, versatility, size and affordability. Since its debut in 2012, it is widely considered one of the best bikes for beginners, and Honda has recently officially announced its latest model for 2015. The bike has many similarities with its sibling, the CBR300, making the two quite difficult to tell apart but there have been a number of cosmetic and internal alterations.

2016 Honda CBR300R front

2016 Honda CBR300R Changes and Performance

Like its predecessor, the 2016 Honda CBR300R has a high-quality appearance as well as a solid and proven chassis. There has been a slight enlargement for the chassis and bodywork, an 8mm stroke increase, necessitating larger upper body mounts. This increase in size was to allow easier access for valve maintenance, but overall the chassis remains relatively tiny. It has a rake of 25.30 degrees, a trail of 98mm (3.9 inches) and a curb weight of 357 pounds ready with ride including all standard equipment.

It has a six-speed gearbox, refined to give a lighter shifting action. Other features are similar to its predecessors, digital gauges, passenger seat, storage, solid rear suspension and smooth brakes. Compared to the 2012 model, there is about 37cc more displacement due to the updated crank shaft, giving a total of 286cc for the liquid cooled four-valve engine. With remapped PGM fuel injection and revised exhaust, the model also has more ponnies and torque than its siblings, up to 17% in both peak horsepower and torque. The seat is 30.7 inches high, the lowest of its class, while the fairings have been made thinner making the bike easier to grip with the thighs and giving an overall more comfortable ride. There is an easy reach to the handlebars as well a narrower saddle and mid-section side panels, giving a more comfortable reach to the ground. The non adjustable fork and pre-load adjustable shock have been calibrated for maximum comfort, with good damping control allowing for a swift pace comfortably. The fork bottoming resistance for hard braking is also good.

2016 Honda CBR300R

2016 Honda CBR300R Fuel economy and price

With easy power delivery, this means the 2016 Honda CBR300R is appropriate for a range of uses, including city driving. Only the slightest throttle is needed, and riders enjoy a range of low-range torque It boasts a fuel capacity of 3.4 gallons and gets up to 71 miles per gallon according to estimates based on EPA exhaust emission measurement test procedures. Available colors are black, red, Pearl White/Red/Blue, and Matte Black Metallic/Yellow.

The price is still not published, although it is expected to be similar to the price of its predecessor, which is $4,399, excluding tax, license and registration, and $4,899 for the ABS model.

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