2016 Honda CTX 700 Review

The 2016 Honda CTX700 is a standard touring bike expected to perform at its peack. It is one of the finest and in terms of handling and easiest bike to ride. It is still very new in the market. The model comes in various colors. It comes with a low windshield and a single headlight. The seat is almost flat, hence resembling the standing bike. The following are just some of its features:

2016 Honda CTX 700 front


2016 Honda CTX 700 Exterior and Engine

The tires have a diameter of 17 inches, housing two piston caliper gripping a 320 mm in single disc up front, together with a single piston of diameter 240 mm at the rear. The 2016 Honda CTX 700 comes with a list of useful accessories such as the hard shell saddlebags, rear carries, passenger backrest, tall wind shell and heated grips. These features makes it very unique, especially for entry level bikes. The bike is around 60.5 inches in length, which is intended to put the rider’s focus on the ride rather than the actual machine. The DCT, ABS model offers a clutchless transmission, and also an anti- lock brakes hence better performance.

It has a liquid cooled, parralel twin engine of 670cc. The engine has four valves in each cylinders to provide the intended power. The diameter of the engine stands at 73 mm and its stroke is 80mm. The engine generates a power output of 48 hp with a touque of 42.7 pounds per feet. There are two versions of the engine, with different transmissions. The DTC ABS model has 6- speed automatic transmission with 2 modes while the Base model offers a standard 6- speed gearbox. Both models are finished with a chain drive. The weight of the CTX’s Curb stands at 480 pounds.

2016 Honda CTX 700 rear

The estimated fuel economy stands at 64mpg, a very remarkable rate indeed. The gas tank is not very big, and stands at 3.17 gallons, and is capable to cover a distance of 200 miles.

2016 Honda CTX 700 Release Date and Price

The release date of this 2016 Honda CTX 700 has not yet been officially announced though it is expected to be launched in the last quarter of 2015. The estimated price of this bike is around $ 7,500 a price not very different from the previous model, a very competitive price in the market. It might not be the fastest motorcycle in the market but its features makes it to compete with the highly rated bikes. It is a good bike for touring and all the other normal cycles in the streets. It is also very classic in its features.

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