2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie

After about ten years or so of silence, 2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie has once more come up with its recent model in its huge bike section, that’s the new 2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie. The new 2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie motorcycle is expected to be one of the best models to be released by the Japanese producer. It is evident that the Japanese dominate the market of motorcycles.

2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie front

2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie Review

Everything on this 2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie is unique from the previous models, first of all it has a 6.1 gallons fuel tank, unlike previous models that have a relatively lower fuel capacity. This will greatly favor those customers that will need this bike to cruise longer distances without re-fuelling. Sport fenders, big exhaust pipes are among other major adjustments that have been made on this new model. Completely ergonomic design enables the riders to have a chance to enjoy all the comfort that can be offered by this motorcycle.

Among its other external features include its iconic look which fulfills the LED headlights, the right and left turn signals gives this superbike its modern look. It is expected that the 2016 Gold Wing Valkyrie will have its own navigation system whereby the user shall be able to monitor the direction and distance of their travel, this is really good news for a bike. It is also expected to be extremely luxurious because of its ample leather seat. The manufacturers have also improved the saddlebags on this new model. Riders will be able to purchase Upgrades for their rides to suit their own modifications and lifestyle as they desire.

2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie

2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie Price

The price of these new model is expected to be around $24,000 which can cumulatively raise up-to $31,000 if the rider decides to improve the general view of the bike according to his/her own interest. This can be easily be done by purchasing new upgrades. Unlike the 2015 model whereby riders were limited to two colors to only two colors to choose from, i.e. black and red, the new 2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie is expected to have a variety of colors whereby the riders can be able to choose from according to their desires.

I think the new 2016 Wing Valkyrie model will be one of a kind motorcycle ever released in history by Honda. These will ensure an increased domination of the market by the Japanese since every rider will want to have their hands on these new model. I strongly recommend the new 2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie to all the lovers of bikes out there.

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  1. Don Bizzarri says:

    Please send me all info of the new valkerie 2016
    And when can i buy one.will there be any motor upgrades

  2. Don Bizzarri says:

    I am going to buy a Valyerie.But need to know if
    They are going to have a 2016 valkerie.if so when will it be released.

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