2016 Honda Gold Wing

2016 Honda Gold Wing is the new member of Honda motorcycle. This bike is for those who love to cruise around in their ultimate cruiser. After a very long wait Honda has again gained momentum in this area. As we know Honda is dominating this sector by producing one of the best bikes in the world.

2016 Honda Gold wing

2016 Honda Gold Wing  Design and features

2016 Honda Gold Wing is one of the latest models of Gold wing series which was launched back in 1974.Over the years Honda has made real efforts to make an extremely comfortable. The 2016 Gold Wing is based on the same line-up. The bike still highlights of providing great comfort as always. It also can be said that it is better from its previous models. The bike is longer than usual versions of gold wing. Bodywork of the bike is coated. There are some new modifications on the designs which are increase comfort as well as ride impression. By releasing this bike Honda proves that its mission is to provide luxury on 2 wheels. As per sources the bike may come with navigational system, which is an excellent option for many enjoying long rides. 2016 Honda Gold wing also other features such as USB ports and satellite radio. The bike also features a wide screen, it gives a luxurious look. The bike also a unique tire pressure monitoring system which helps in constantly monitors the tire pressure. It also features full body coverage. It also provides different color options as well. Different people have different requests so the company also presents various upgrading options to the customer as well, by giving all the customers freedom to modify their bike in a unique way.

2016 Honda Gold wing side

2016 Honda Gold Wing  Engine and Fuel economy

The engine is expected to be larger and more powerful than the previous models of same series. The engine is expected to be a 6 cylinder machine therefore giving a better performance. The driving mechanics is also tuned up for more comfort and a smooth ride. The exact details of engine are not yet disclosed by the company yet. The fuel capacity is expected to be around 6.6 Gallons. The 2016 Honda Gold wing is expected to give a fuel economy of 35 miles per gallon. Honda gives one an air bag protection system to bike which makes the only to provide such a safety feature in a bike.

Price and release date

The 2016 Honda Gold wing can be announced anytime between October 2015 to mid 2016.Basic Models of the bike is expected to be up to $24,000.With some necessary upgrades the bike may cost something around $32,000.All in all these bike is worth the wait for those who like a comfortable ride.

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  1. Otto Bennett says:

    i was wondering if I could get the breakdown of the 2016 and colors available when the model is confirmed,any accessories included as well in new version.

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