2016 Honda Grom Review, Price

The 2016 Honda Grom will be an advanced innovation in the motorcycle world. Its graphics will be displayed in a variety of colors, most commonly the red and the blue versions. The motorcycle will have a powerful engine capacity of 125 cc. The single cylinder is narrow and made of lightweight material which effectively enhances the motorcycle’s performance and reliability.

2016 Honda Grom front2016 Honda Grom Review

The 2016 Honda Grom will have a four-speed transmission gives it an unparalleled pickup speed and speed switching while on the highway. In addition, the bike has the regular hydraulic disc brakes as in the 2015 model, fitted with both the back and front wheels. The brakes material is said to reduce the motion stoppage time by a few seconds in comparison to the previous model. The broad riders control panel gives the rider complete control of the gearbox functionalities. The bike also has reduced the height in an attempt to reduce its center of gravity, and the 29.7 inches leather seat can accommodate two people simultaneously.

The 2016 Honda Grom engine is a four stroke air cooled cylinder that is precisely 124.9 cc in volume. The bore will be 52.4 mm in dimension while the strokes will be 57.9 mm. The 2016 Honda Grom should have a compression ratio of 9.3.1 that exhibits an automated induction of PGM-FI. Furthermore, the motorcycle will have an electronic ignition system and two valve trains for each cylinder that might be added, this is the SOHC.
The 2016 Honda Grom front suspension has the following measurements; a 3.9 inches travel and a 31 mm inverted forks. The bike’s rear suspension is a mono shock fitted with a steel box shaped in the form of a swing-arm and a 4.1 inches travel. A 220 mm rear wheel disk brake will also fitted be fitted in the 2016 model. The brake has the hydraulic caliper potential of a double piston. In comparison, the front wheel brakes are a 190 mm single disc with the hydraulic caliper potential of a single piston. The rear and front tires have dimensions of 130/70-12 and 120/70-12 respectively.

The bike has a fuel capacity of 1.45 gallons that can last up to two days or depending on mileage coverage. The curb weight of 225 pounds reduces fuel consumption that is often caused by drag. The 2016 Honda Grom will come in red, pearl, black, yellow and white colors across all configurations. Moreover, the bike has a one-year warranty and an extended unlimited-mileage warranty provided by Honda protection plan.

2016 Honda Grom side

2016 Honda Grom Price and release

The motorcycle is expected to be released in the last quarter of 2015, and its price should be around $3,500.

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  1. Mr Frank Carter says:

    I was told by my local Honda dealer that the 2016 MSX model has LED headlight, is this correct
    Thanks Frank

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