2016 Honda ST1300

If you love riding motor cycles, the 2016 Honda ST1300 will be a great option for you once it is out there in the market. The new Sport Touring motorcycle model will offer you the perfect opportunity to travel in style and enjoy every aspect of it. It is basically the sort of a motorcycle that any rider out there would want to own. Many people will appreciate the 2016 Honda ST1300 better since it combines dynamic performance and comfort in the most effective manner. Moreover, it does a lot in terms of transforming distance travelled into free space. You simply feel like you are cruising in space when using this type of a machine. The vision of Honda has always been to enable you achieve a pure sense of sport touring. This benefit has taken shape in the ST1300.

2016 Honda ST1300 front

2016 Honda ST1300 Exterior and Engines

Whereas the power offered by 2016 Honda ST1300 would be huge, the dimensions will be reduced. It will weigh 703 lbs and have a width of 39.4 inches. This width will however increase the benefit of proper handling and increase banking freedom. In the end, you will be able to appreciate what this sport touring bike has to offer you. For proper visibility at bends, there are adaptive headlights that can offer the right service.

The flat 6-cylinder engine has been legendary for Honda and is expected to be the case in the new model. Therefore, the new motorcycle is expected to feature this every powerful 1832 cc engine with 160 horsepower. When you have such an engine in your motorcycle, the riding experience would be more inspiring and intriguing. The package comes with power units that deliver on the promise of dynamic performance. With refined running smoothness, you can expect great service both on tarmac and rough terrain.

2016 Honda ST1300 side

2016 Honda ST1300 Fuel economy

The new 2016 Honda ST1300 is simply unstoppable. It is intended to offer you a riding experience like no other. Moreover, you will appreciate having a motorcycle from a world-renowned manufacturer always geared at offering customers the best quality. It has a pretty decent fuel economy. Therefore, you can brace yourself for long journeys with less fuel consumption. You simply cannot choose to overlook what this motorcycle has to offer you.

2016 Honda ST1300 Release dates and prices

The expected release date for 2016 Honda ST1300 is in 2015 even though most sales might be experienced later in 2016. However, pre-ordering has been available at Honda dealers across the globe since April 2014. The motorcycle is set to retail at a starting price of $21,500.

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