2016 Honda Stateline

If you want comfort and speed on two wheels, the choice is obvious and that is a cruiser. Harley Davidson has been ruling the cruiser segment for so long, its hard to even picture a motorcycle by any other brand when one thinks about low slung motorcycles. But, of late Japanese manufacturers have been rolling out big cruisers that could take the Harley Davidson models pound-for-pound and the middleweight segment (under 1200cc) is where the competition is the stiffest. Since it first came out, the Stateline motorcycle has been constantly pitted against the likes of the Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom and the beast is only getting better with time. Read more to find out if the 2016 Honda Stateline model can be a game changer for the Japanese two-wheeler giant.

2016 Honda Stateline

2016 Honda Stateline design:

The 2016 Honda Stateline with its low-slung profile, drooping fuel tank and huge low-profile tires looks like and feels like a solid cruiser motorcycle. The suspension of the bike is handled by a 41mm Piston Fork on the front and on the rear by a single shock suspension system. With a very low seat height of just 678mm, the riding position feels relaxed and comfortable for long journeys. The long drooping fuel tank has a maximum capacity of 4.4 gallons, which based on the bike’s average fuel economy of 37.9 mpg will be good for over 167 miles without refueling, making it ideal for long trips. The 2016 Honda Stateline’s long wheelbase of 1778mm and its robust frame makes it perfectly stable even at speeds of over 100mph. Worth noting is the minimalist design cues followed by mounting the instrument clusters on the fuel tank which not only adds to the functionality as well as practicality but also makes the bike more aesthetically pleasing too.

2016 Honda Stateline wheels

2016 Honda Stateline performance:

The Stateline’s massive frame is propelled by a powerful liquid-cooled 1312cc 52-degree V- Twin SOHC engine that can produce 45hp of power and a torque of over 71 lbs-ft 3,000rpm which is transmitted through a mesh type 5-speed gearbox. The stopping power comes from the 336mm twin radial-mounted discs on the front and 296mm single-caliper disc on the rear. The bike has a curb weight of 672 pounds with all standard equipment and a full tank of gas. To live up to the name of a thoroughbred cruiser it needs a pair of big fat tires and the folks at Honda did just that – a 140/80-17 tubeless on the front and a 170/80-15 tubeless tire on the back. These beefy tires not only makes it look good, it also adds to the grip of the motorcycle making it better around corners and rough patches.

2016 Honda Stateline price and release:

The base 2016 Honda Stateline will be priced at $12150 when it will be released in the middle of 2015. The bike also comes with an optional ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), custom windshield, leather touring bag, a tall headrest and even an mp3 player!

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