2016 Honda VFR 1200F

2016 Honda VFR 1200F is the 7th generation motorcycle model from the VF and VFR line of sport touring motorcycles by Honda. The model is powered by a transverse mounted 1237cc cooled 4 stroke UNICAM 76o V4 engine it has a dual clutch transmission, a first of its kind in motorcycles. The motorcycle is a buildup of the 6th generation VFR800 Honda motorcycle.

2016 Honda VFR 1200F front

2016 Honda VFR 1200F design brings together the best of the new generation of sporting motorcycles. The exterior design features aerodynamic enhancements and improvements from Honda MotoGP to give riders as much comfort as possible. It features a dual layered fairing, which is designed to spread heat away from the rider. It also features an X shaped bulbous front nose that gives the motorcycle more stability, especially when in high speeds and in sharp turns. Overall, the design of motocycle represents the new design trend where focus is on functionality with aesthetics as complimentary to the aerodynamic properties of the motorcycle.

2016 Honda VFR 1200F Engine

The engine of the motorcycle has a single overhead camshaft distribution system, which allows for a reduced engine size. Due to the small size of the engine, it is placed further forward in the frame, effectively, allowing a lower center of gravity, which ensures improved front wheel traction during high speeds, and in cornering. The crank pins of the engine are placed at 28o and hence a better primary balance. This eliminates the need for a balance shaft, resulting to even a lighter engine. The engine control unit is commanded by electronic throttle control, which is a shift from the conventional mechanical connection in older models. On the engine’s cylinder configuration, the V4’s rear bank of the cylinders is closely tied together which allows for a smaller engine and body. The motorcycle features a 18.5L fuel tank, which is a reduction from the previous 22L tank for the 2014 VFR800F. Such design allows for a narrower body that allows for easy access of the ground from the seat.

2016 Honda VFR 1200F

2016 Honda VFR 1200F Price and Release date

The engine’s power is controlled by a six-speed dual clutch gearbox, which is the first fully automated dual transmission system for large displacement motorcycles in the world. The transmission has three operating modules including a six-speed gear selection mode and two full auto modes.

Braking System

2016 Honda VFR 1200F braking system includes six piston calipers for front wheel and dual piston for the rear wheel that bite on large full floating discs (320 mm front: 276 mm rear) to ensure maximum effectiveness even in high speeds.

Price: USD$ 18,299

Release Date: February, 2016

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  1. Jay Lee says:

    She sure is pretty. Too bad it’s not a rr model. I’ll bet it’s almost just as fun to ride though.

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