2016 Honda XR650L

The 2016 Honda XR650L is a member of the Honda XR series that are manufactured by this Japanese manufacturer. This model was first released in 1992 and since then it has been produced with very minimal changes over the years. Being a dual-sport motorcycle is mainly the reason why it has remained virtually unchanged over the years as the market for dual-sports is not competitive or popular. It is, therefore, highly unlikely that in its 24th year of production the manufacturer is going to make any major changes. However a few changes may be made to distinguish it as a 2016 year model, most likely on its outward appearances.

2016 Honda XR650L front

2016 Honda XR650L changes

The expected exterior design is that the bike will have a red color as its predecessors. The seat is incredibly high standing at around 37 inch tall. The bike has an electric start key which is a push button. This means that it will be easy to start it especially on cold mornings or when you have not used it for a long period of time. The bike is light in weight. One advantage about this bike is that it’s spare parts are easy to find as well as the knowledge about the bike since it has not had a major update for the last two decades. They are cheap too.

The engine of this bike is an air cooled 644cc with is a single-cylinder, four-stroke. It has a compression ratio of about 8.3:1 and a valve terrain SOHC four-valve RFVC. The air cooled engine helps to minimize on maintenance cost. It has a transmission of 5-speed. Its brake system is strong with the rear and front brake having a single disc, and the front brake has a twin piston caliper. The bike has a fuel capacity of about 2.8 gallons and an extra 0.6 gallon reserve. Its consumption rate is about 52 MPG (miles per gallon) and its emissions have met the current EPA and CARB standards. This bike has the power, durability as well as the suspension that a dirty rider would demand.

2016 Honda XR650L Sise

2016 Honda XR650L price and release

The 2016 Honda XR650L is going to be a very versatile motorbike just like its predecessors where it can be used for commuter purposes as well as for sporting activities. In short it can take you wherever you may wish to go without having to tailor it again or modify it. The exact release date for this bike is not yet clear though it could be released in late 2015 as a 2016 year model. The price for this motorbike is expected to be between $6000 and $8500.

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