2017 Honda Goldwing Review

Despite the fact that the legendary Honda Goldwing has been in existence for over forty years, little improvement has been seen. Every decade Honda releases a new and improved version that leaves little to be desired. However, 2017 Honda Goldwing is rumored to blow us off the waters. It will come with a dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission and their new semi-automatic suspensions to hold any weight put on it. The 2017 version also aims at being more comfortable for long distance travelling and has more space for passengers and luggage. Unlike before, we will now enjoy this monster in several colors including red, white, silver and blue.

2017 Honda Goldwing side

2017 Honda Goldwing Design

2017 Honda Goldwing is all about luxury and comfort. The front wing is being completely redesigned with a unique and complicated suspension system. The framework is made of aluminum so it’s hard and sturdy. It comes with adjustable heated seats that are waterproof and foot warming systems. The windshield has been modified to act as body shield for the rider and passenger. All round LED lighting and huge storage space are also part of the many upgrades. Hondas famous sound system will be upgraded a bit. The satellite linked navigation and radio system will still be there but the controls will be different. Instead of many buttons on the handles, a touchscreen is introduced for all control systems.

2017 Honda Goldwing Tires

The wheelbase is rumored to be approximately 66.5 inches and it doesn’t have to shorten thanks to the linkage system. There is also an anti-dive effect that is obtained due to the adjustable link between the vertical steering casting and front calipers.


2017 Honda Goldwing Engine

A six-cylinder 1830cc power engine with 5-speed transmission will be running this bike. It will be using SOHC valve train that brings 45mm front suspension, 74mm bore and 71mm stroke. The engine and the electric motor are placed between the front wheel and this two-mode system will be good for long distance rides and also adds more power.

2017 Honda Goldwing Brakes

Safety is big on this new Goldwing. Combined braking system and an antilock braking system are in place to prevent skidding and crashing. It has an electric reverse and cruise control systems so maneuvering in tricky or crowded areas won’t be that hard. The multi-link front suspension is friendlier to braking despite the weight.

2017 Honda Goldwing Price and Release Date

Considering how much upgrading is going to happen to this bike, the 2017 Honda Goldwing is likely to cost between 25,000 and 30,000 dollars. It is expected to be launched late 2016 for tests before it comes out in full.

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