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2016 Honda CRF250L

2016 Honda CRF250L front

Having a motorcycle that can give you fuel economy and speed on the rough terrains is an achievement. The 2016 Honda CRF250L is the perfect bike you cannot miss checking if you are a great fan. This motorcycle has dual purposes. It is rumored that this version will come with better dimensions, very light in weight, better in terms or ergonomics and with accessorized 43mm USD forks which allow one to travel long distances. It is also rumored that the rear suspension will enable the rider feel at home riding on the road. It is expected that the 2016 Honda CRF250L will come in a smaller package, light for an easy ride and simpler in its operations. With the above features, the rider will capture pure experiences with fast speed. This bike is simply clean, offers fun when riding and affordable.

2016 Honda XR650L

2016 Honda XR650L front

The 2016 Honda XR650L is a member of the Honda XR series that are manufactured by this Japanese manufacturer. This model was first released in 1992 and since then it has been produced with very minimal changes over the years. Being a dual-sport motorcycle is mainly the reason why it has remained virtually unchanged over the years as the market for dual-sports is not competitive or popular. It is, therefore, highly unlikely that in its 24th year of production the manufacturer is going to make any major changes. However a few changes may be made to distinguish it as a 2016 year model, most likely on its outward appearances.