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2016 Honda CB300F Review

2016 Honda CB300F front

Taking of engineering and designs cues from one of the best off-road machines, 2016 Honda CB300F is Honda`s company best representative in the growing class of super- motorcycle styles, which are all about suspension, durability as well as off-road ride. Super motors are currently ready to blur the lines that existed between urban landscape and great outdoors. Riders are nowadays looking for comfortable motorcycles with agility and durability.

2016 Honda Grom Review, Price

2016 Honda Grom front

The 2016 Honda Grom will be an advanced innovation in the motorcycle world. Its graphics will be displayed in a variety of colors, most commonly the red and the blue versions. The motorcycle will have a powerful engine capacity of 125 cc. The single cylinder is narrow and made of lightweight material which effectively enhances the motorcycle’s performance and reliability.

2016 Honda CB 1000R

2016 Honda CB 1000R front

Here comes the ultimate street fighter. Alongside Kawasaki Z1000, the 2016 Honda CB 1000R bike is indeed a true representation of what is referred to as naked bike. It consistently follows the tradition that was established in 1969 during Honda’s launch of CB750. This masterpiece has gone forward to establish a class of superbikes. The 2016 Honda CB 1000R is more than just a decent successor, it is powerful and fast, excellent in corners and constantly tempting the rider to twist the throttle even more. To sum it up, it is simply the true urban warrior.

2016 Honda CBR 250R

2016 Honda CBR 250R front

Do not just lay back and relax. Instead when you want an easy time, slip into something that offers you way more comfort and style. Get your favorite leather jacket and slip into the 2016 Honda CBR 250R which will definitely guarantee you a nice chilled out ride. The Honda shadow is currently the most popular line of motor cycles and the great features of the 2016 Honda CBR 250R will show you why. With features such as spoked wheels, long chromed mufflers and full fenders, this ride will surely blow your mind. It also features over the top performance thanks to its 745 CC v twin engine with low revving torques. Special features such as the shaft final-drive are set to lower your maintenance costs and most of all is its huge price bargain.

2016 Honda CBR 500R

2016 Honda CBR 500R front

The 2016 Honda CBR 500R is one of Japanese sport bike makers from the middleweight category. The bike is a perfect example of what middleweight sport bikes should be; a feature that makes it popular in its class. It has a fantastic bodywork, plenty of sophisticated features, powerful engine and an excellent performance. The 2016 Honda CBR 500R is a great street machine that ought to be an excellent choice for both riders who need move up a displacement and other classes of people looking for light machines with excellent performances.

2016 Honda CBR300R

2016 Honda CBR300R front

The 2016 Honda CBR300R sports bike is now a big hit thanks to its power, versatility, size and affordability. Since its debut in 2012, it is widely considered one of the best bikes for beginners, and Honda has recently officially announced its latest model for 2015. The bike has many similarities with its sibling, the CBR300, making the two quite difficult to tell apart but there have been a number of cosmetic and internal alterations.

2016 Honda VFR 1200F

2016 Honda VFR 1200F front

2016 Honda VFR 1200F is the 7th generation motorcycle model from the VF and VFR line of sport touring motorcycles by Honda. The model is powered by a transverse mounted 1237cc cooled 4 stroke UNICAM 76o V4 engine it has a dual clutch transmission, a first of its kind in motorcycles. The motorcycle is a buildup of the 6th generation VFR800 Honda motorcycle.