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2017 Honda Goldwing Review

2017 Honda Goldwing side

Despite the fact that the legendary Honda Goldwing has been in existence for over forty years, little improvement has been seen. Every decade Honda releases a new and improved version that leaves little to be desired. However, 2017 Honda Goldwing is rumored to blow us off the waters. It will come with a dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission and their new semi-automatic suspensions to hold any weight put on it. The 2017 version also aims at being more comfortable for long distance travelling and has more space for passengers and luggage. Unlike before, we will now enjoy this monster in several colors including red, white, silver and blue.

2016 Honda CTX 700 Review

2016 Honda CTX 700 front

The 2016 Honda CTX700 is a standard touring bike expected to perform at its peack. It is one of the finest and in terms of handling and easiest bike to ride. It is still very new in the market. The model comes in various colors. It comes with a low windshield and a single headlight. The seat is almost flat, hence resembling the standing bike. The following are just some of its features:

2016 Honda NM4 Review

2016 Honda NM4 side

The 2016 Honda NM4 is a futuristic cruiser that comes from the renowned Honda manufacturers which provides advanced design and technological features. Its automatic transmission system works perfectly well to provide great riding comfort even for the least experienced rider.

2016 Honda Interstate

2016 Honda Interstate front

Class meets style in the form of the 2016 Honda Interstate. The interstate has 2 vinyl standard seats with a height of 26.8 inches. These low seats ensure that the control of the bike while riding is easy any manageable. The seats also have an attractive finishing making the bike stylish. The 2016 Honda Interstate motorcycle has a standard kick-stand and standard hand grips. It has front and rear fenders with side cover. The radiator is also covered and the whole frame is made of steel. The driver has a floor board location while the passenger has a foot peg location. A trip odometer is present together with other digital instrumentation which makes the riding manageable. For storage purpose, 2 side-case lockable leather storage are present. Helmet storage is also present and matte black fork covers. The 2016 Honda Interstate also has a windscreen which ensures the ride on it is full of style and comfort.

2016 Honda Gold Wing

2016 Honda Gold wing

2016 Honda Gold Wing is the new member of Honda motorcycle. This bike is for those who love to cruise around in their ultimate cruiser. After a very long wait Honda has again gained momentum in this area. As we know Honda is dominating this sector by producing one of the best bikes in the world.

2016 Honda ST1300

2016 Honda ST1300 front

If you love riding motor cycles, the 2016 Honda ST1300 will be a great option for you once it is out there in the market. The new Sport Touring motorcycle model will offer you the perfect opportunity to travel in style and enjoy every aspect of it. It is basically the sort of a motorcycle that any rider out there would want to own. Many people will appreciate the 2016 Honda ST1300 better since it combines dynamic performance and comfort in the most effective manner. Moreover, it does a lot in terms of transforming distance travelled into free space. You simply feel like you are cruising in space when using this type of a machine. The vision of Honda has always been to enable you achieve a pure sense of sport touring. This benefit has taken shape in the ST1300.