2016 Honda CBR 650F

2016 Honda CBR 650F front

Honda CBR 650F is a powerful sport bike from Honda. It is expected to be launched in India in early 2016 with the assistance of completely knocked down (CKD) assembly Honda will be able to market this brand successfully. The CBR 650F looks similar to CBR 250R. Its a bike that can be ridden in many ways. CBR 650 is sporty with an excellent performance it also has a nifty handling that makes it exciting for racing. Its riding position is amazing because its frame and suspension are very comfortable for daily riding and also for long distances. The engine has been designed to perform several roles, this is due to its wide band torque that will help the rider unearth the limits of the bike.

2016 Honda CBR 500R

2016 Honda CBR 500R front

The 2016 Honda CBR 500R is one of Japanese sport bike makers from the middleweight category. The bike is a perfect example of what middleweight sport bikes should be; a feature that makes it popular in its class. It has a fantastic bodywork, plenty of sophisticated features, powerful engine and an excellent performance. The 2016 Honda CBR 500R is a great street machine that ought to be an excellent choice for both riders who need move up a displacement and other classes of people looking for light machines with excellent performances.

2016 Honda CTX 700 Review

2016 Honda CTX 700 front

The 2016 Honda CTX700 is a standard touring bike expected to perform at its peack. It is one of the finest and in terms of handling and easiest bike to ride. It is still very new in the market. The model comes in various colors. It comes with a low windshield and a single headlight. The seat is almost flat, hence resembling the standing bike. The following are just some of its features:

2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie

2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie front

After about ten years or so of silence, 2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie has once more come up with its recent model in its huge bike section, that’s the new 2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie. The new 2016 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie motorcycle is expected to be one of the best models to be released by the Japanese producer. It is evident that the Japanese dominate the market of motorcycles.

2016 Honda NM4 Review

2016 Honda NM4 side

The 2016 Honda NM4 is a futuristic cruiser that comes from the renowned Honda manufacturers which provides advanced design and technological features. Its automatic transmission system works perfectly well to provide great riding comfort even for the least experienced rider.

2016 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

2016 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 front

The 2016 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 will certainly take a good market position and pick up many motorbike revelers all over the world. Honda has invested a lot in this model and it will incorporate a lot of things from the Japanese factory. It is a new discovery which provides all the services of a first class carrier.it has a brand new design which combines all of Honda’s central values in a cruiser which inspires self-confidence and energy. Its design is top notch, quality features, fuel saving through the use of improved engines. To sum it up, the bike is set to become a dangerous competition and take a large part of the market.

2016 Honda CB500X Review

2016 Honda CB500X front

 The 2016 Honda CB500X is a fast, agile bike which is practical and adventurous. This motorcycle is 430 pounds, and its heart is at 471 cc, with a DOHC engine with PGM-FI. The 2016 Honda CB500X gives you a nice, open view of the roadway in front of you. It has a nice upright riding position with large handlebars, making great sporting or adventuring out. This bike fits people of all shapes and sizes, and has a nice lightweight, sleek feel to it. It was made in 2016 by Honda, with a liquid-cooled parallel double-twin engine, it is a really high performing motorcycle.

2016 Honda CBR300R

2016 Honda CBR300R front

The 2016 Honda CBR300R sports bike is now a big hit thanks to its power, versatility, size and affordability. Since its debut in 2012, it is widely considered one of the best bikes for beginners, and Honda has recently officially announced its latest model for 2015. The bike has many similarities with its sibling, the CBR300, making the two quite difficult to tell apart but there have been a number of cosmetic and internal alterations.

2016 Honda CBR600RR

2016 Honda CBR600RR front

In the middle-weight 600cc motorcycle segment, the 2016 Honda CBR600RR is a force to be reckoned with. Ever since Honda introduced the CBR 600RR in 2003 it has consecutively won 7 SuperSport Championship titles and still holds the record to this day. Now that says a lot about what a machine this motorcycle is; not only in terms of speed but also in areas like handling, agility, reliability and more. The CBR 600RR have been tooth and nail with arch rival Yamaha YZF R6 since its launch and the competition has only gotten tougher between the two as both companies roll out revised models almost every year. Let’s find out if the 2016 iteration of the CBR can stay ahead of its competition and claim the title of the world’s best 600cc supersports motorcycle.

2016 Honda CRF250L

2016 Honda CRF250L front

Having a motorcycle that can give you fuel economy and speed on the rough terrains is an achievement. The 2016 Honda CRF250L is the perfect bike you cannot miss checking if you are a great fan. This motorcycle has dual purposes. It is rumored that this version will come with better dimensions, very light in weight, better in terms or ergonomics and with accessorized 43mm USD forks which allow one to travel long distances. It is also rumored that the rear suspension will enable the rider feel at home riding on the road. It is expected that the 2016 Honda CRF250L will come in a smaller package, light for an easy ride and simpler in its operations. With the above features, the rider will capture pure experiences with fast speed. This bike is simply clean, offers fun when riding and affordable.