2016 Honda Interstate

2016 Honda Interstate front

Class meets style in the form of the 2016 Honda Interstate. The interstate has 2 vinyl standard seats with a height of 26.8 inches. These low seats ensure that the control of the bike while riding is easy any manageable. The seats also have an attractive finishing making the bike stylish. The 2016 Honda Interstate motorcycle has a standard kick-stand and standard hand grips. It has front and rear fenders with side cover. The radiator is also covered and the whole frame is made of steel. The driver has a floor board location while the passenger has a foot peg location. A trip odometer is present together with other digital instrumentation which makes the riding manageable. For storage purpose, 2 side-case lockable leather storage are present. Helmet storage is also present and matte black fork covers. The 2016 Honda Interstate also has a windscreen which ensures the ride on it is full of style and comfort.

2016 Honda NC 700X

2016 Honda NC 700X front

Honda, a Japanese automobile manufacturer launched the NC 700 series of bikes in 2012 with a design to target travelers and veteran riders. The 700X was floated to be both of on-road and off-road motorcycle. Since 2012 different versions of the bike have come into the market with the 2016 Honda NC 700X being the newest addition.

2016 Honda Shadow Phantom

2016 Honda Shadow Phantom front

The 2016 Honda Shadow Phantom has a powerful look with minimal chromed details. It is powered by a 745cc 52-degree V-twin engine and has black rims highlighted with silver, bobber fenders and spoke wheels. This exterior look separates it from all the other cruisers and its seating position is excellent for city cruising and long rides. The engine has a programmed fuel injection system consisting of 3 valves per cylinder. This enables the engine to possess low, mid and high-end muscle horse power. 5-speed transmissions help the power to be transferred to the hind wheel though at around the speed of 65 mph some drivers search for 6th speed.

2016 Honda Stateline

2016 Honda Stateline

If you want comfort and speed on two wheels, the choice is obvious and that is a cruiser. Harley Davidson has been ruling the cruiser segment for so long, its hard to even picture a motorcycle by any other brand when one thinks about low slung motorcycles. But, of late Japanese manufacturers have been rolling out big cruisers that could take the Harley Davidson models pound-for-pound and the middleweight segment (under 1200cc) is where the competition is the stiffest. Since it first came out, the Stateline motorcycle has been constantly pitted against the likes of the Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom and the beast is only getting better with time. Read more to find out if the 2016 Honda Stateline model can be a game changer for the Japanese two-wheeler giant.

2016 Honda XR650L

2016 Honda XR650L front

The 2016 Honda XR650L is a member of the Honda XR series that are manufactured by this Japanese manufacturer. This model was first released in 1992 and since then it has been produced with very minimal changes over the years. Being a dual-sport motorcycle is mainly the reason why it has remained virtually unchanged over the years as the market for dual-sports is not competitive or popular. It is, therefore, highly unlikely that in its 24th year of production the manufacturer is going to make any major changes. However a few changes may be made to distinguish it as a 2016 year model, most likely on its outward appearances.

2016 Honda Gold Wing

2016 Honda Gold wing

2016 Honda Gold Wing is the new member of Honda motorcycle. This bike is for those who love to cruise around in their ultimate cruiser. After a very long wait Honda has again gained momentum in this area. As we know Honda is dominating this sector by producing one of the best bikes in the world.

2016 Honda Sabre Review

2016 Honda Sabre side

The 2016 Honda Sabre is one of Honda’s most popular motorcycle models and is the V-Twin version of the Japanese manufacturer’s Shadow range. With its sleekly designed curves, the 2016 Honda Sabre inclues no-frills fenders and low-slung handle bars, giving it the look and feel of a classic 1960s bike. It retails for $12,250. The liquid-cooled V-Twin engine on the Sabre has a capacity of 1312cc, and a fuel efficiency of 46 miles per gallon. Braking power is ensured by a front disc of 336 mm and a rear brake disc of 296 mm, and the bike also has a single rear shock absorber. 

2016 Honda ST1300

2016 Honda ST1300 front

If you love riding motor cycles, the 2016 Honda ST1300 will be a great option for you once it is out there in the market. The new Sport Touring motorcycle model will offer you the perfect opportunity to travel in style and enjoy every aspect of it. It is basically the sort of a motorcycle that any rider out there would want to own. Many people will appreciate the 2016 Honda ST1300 better since it combines dynamic performance and comfort in the most effective manner. Moreover, it does a lot in terms of transforming distance travelled into free space. You simply feel like you are cruising in space when using this type of a machine. The vision of Honda has always been to enable you achieve a pure sense of sport touring. This benefit has taken shape in the ST1300.

2016 Honda VFR 1200F

2016 Honda VFR 1200F front

2016 Honda VFR 1200F is the 7th generation motorcycle model from the VF and VFR line of sport touring motorcycles by Honda. The model is powered by a transverse mounted 1237cc cooled 4 stroke UNICAM 76o V4 engine it has a dual clutch transmission, a first of its kind in motorcycles. The motorcycle is a buildup of the 6th generation VFR800 Honda motorcycle.

2016 Honda Fury Review

2016 Honda Fury side

The Honda group has again impressed us with its elegance and innovation, this time in the form of 2016 Honda Fury. This 2016 Fury has a very well thought design. The Honda engineers have made this bike’s appearance very sleek, compare to other bikes which are in the market. With its stretched wheel formation its worth all the money one spends on it. The high expectations which the Honda group has maybe the reason why it is able to roll out elegant bikes like 2016Fury.