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2017 Honda Goldwing Review

2017 Honda Goldwing side

Despite the fact that the legendary Honda Goldwing has been in existence for over forty years, little improvement has been seen. Every decade Honda releases a new and improved version that leaves little to be desired. However, 2017 Honda Goldwing is rumored to blow us off the waters. It will come with a dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission and their new semi-automatic suspensions to hold any weight put on it. The 2017 version also aims at being more comfortable for long distance travelling and has more space for passengers and luggage. Unlike before, we will now enjoy this monster in several colors including red, white, silver and blue.

2017 Honda CBR 1000RR Performance

2017 Honda CBR 1000RR front

The 2017 Honda CBR 1000RR is a motorcycle that consolidates an awesome engine that’s exceptionally novel in addition to an elegant design. These variables on the motorcycle have called for the attention of buyers to observe the Honda CBR 1000RR as the best option. The new offering from Honda will be presented against a scope of formidable motorbikes including the Suzuki GSX, Aprilia RSV4 and Kawasaki Ninja. Each of these motorbikes has been built to perfection and they offer solid competition in the industry. The 2017 Honda CBR 1000RR will be redesigned so as to compete with these models.