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2016 Honda NC 700X

2016 Honda NC 700X front

Honda, a Japanese automobile manufacturer launched the NC 700 series of bikes in 2012 with a design to target travelers and veteran riders. The 700X was floated to be both of on-road and off-road motorcycle. Since 2012 different versions of the bike have come into the market with the 2016 Honda NC 700X being the newest addition.

2016 Honda Stateline

2016 Honda Stateline

If you want comfort and speed on two wheels, the choice is obvious and that is a cruiser. Harley Davidson has been ruling the cruiser segment for so long, its hard to even picture a motorcycle by any other brand when one thinks about low slung motorcycles. But, of late Japanese manufacturers have been rolling out big cruisers that could take the Harley Davidson models pound-for-pound and the middleweight segment (under 1200cc) is where the competition is the stiffest. Since it first came out, the Stateline motorcycle has been constantly pitted against the likes of the Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom and the beast is only getting better with time. Read more to find out if the 2016 Honda Stateline model can be a game changer for the Japanese two-wheeler giant.